The Middle Mekong Archaeological Project (MMAP) brings together an international team with a variety of backgrounds and interests. We are archaeologists, museum workers, anthropologists, cultural heritage workers, geologists, students, and volunteers. Some team members have participated for several years. Others have come for just one or two seasons. All have shared their knowledge, and have taught and learned new archaeological skills with the final goal of preserving the cultural heritage of Laos.



Dr. Joyce White

Mr. Bounheuang Bouasisengpaseuth


Dr. Katherine Arrell

Dr. Huw Barton

Korokot Boonlop

Dr. Andrea Borsato

Souliphan Bouaraphan

Khammeung Boudthavixay

Souliya Bounxaythip

Sureeratana Bubpha

Nattha Chuenwattana

Andy Cowan

Michael DeWald

Amy Ellsworth

Dr. Chureekamol Onsuwan Eyre

Dr. Silvia Frisia

Olivia Given

Dr. Michael Griffiths

Dr. Elizabeth Hamilton

Barbara Henderson

Bill Henderson

Stephanie Howden

Shawn Hyla

Dr. Kathleen Johnson

Phonepeth Joumlamounty

Sengphone Keophanhya

Vanpheng Keophannya

Kanda Keosopha

Nouphanh Keosouda

Samnang Kim

Bounpone Lasy

Dr. Helen Lewis

Dr. Ben Marwick

Rhuet Nakchuen

Onchansamone Ninethaphone

Freda Oppenheimer

Dr. Stephen James Oppenheimer

Kongkeo Phannasy

Sithpaseuth Phongchaleun

Fredeliza Campos Piper

Dr. Philip John Piper

Patrizia La Piscopia

Yanik Ruiz-Ramón

Emil Robles

Sangmany Sananekhom

Xaysy Sandala

Bounyalit Savong

Norseng Sayvongdouane

Peerayot Sidonrusmee

Sysouphonh Singpaseuth

Souksamone Sonethongkha

Konevilay Southedlus

Khamphet Souvannalath

Dr. Gillian Thompson

Cholawit Thongcharoen-chaikit

Beth Van Horn

Phousavanh Vorasing

Hongying Yang

Sonexay Yasuli


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