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Non Nok Tha Skeletal Data

The eleven databases listed below contain metric and non-metric observations by individual burial excavated from two field seasons (1965-66 and 1968) at Non Nok Tha, Thailand. A final report of the Non Nok Tha excavation was  published online in 2009 at  Previous publications have described the skeletal series. Pietrusewsky (1974a,b) described the 1966 skeletal series, and Brooks and Brooks (1983, 1987) described the 1968 skeletal series. A re-analysis of both skeletal series was undertaken by Dr. Michele Douglas for her dissertation (Douglas 1996) and her data and codebooks are presented here. The databases are in three formats, Microsoft Access 2003 (mdb). Microsoft Access 2016 (accdb), and comma-delimited text files, which can be opened in any spreadsheet program, such as Excel. Users should be able to import one of these formats into most major spreadsheet, database, or statistical analysis software packages.

     Published studies using these copyrighted Non Nok Tha skeletal data must reference the following information.

Michele Toomay Douglas
1996 Non Nok Tha Databases 1-10,  in Paleopathology in Human Skeletal Remains from the Pre-Metal, Bronze, and Iron Ages, Northeastern Thailand. Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, Department of Anthropology, University of Hawaii, Honolulu.

     The user is cautioned that use of the datasets may also require careful consideration of the ages of certain individuals, such as adolescents (15-20 years of age), based upon the goals of the analyses. For example, analysis of all permanent teeth might include children, adolescents, and adults but analysis of “adult” teeth might include only individuals aged over 15 years, or individuals aged over 18 years, or individuals aged over 20 years.

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The tables contained in the zipped Microsoft Access and comma-delimited database files are:
1 Cranial Measurements
2 Mandibular Measurements
3 Cranial Non-metric Variation
4 Measurements of Permanent Dentition
5a Dental Non-metric Observations in Permanent Dentition
5b Pathological Conditions in Permanent Dentition
6 Non-metric Observations and Pathology in Deciduous Dentition
7 Hypoplasias and Carious Lesions in Permanent Dentition
8 Infracranial Measurements
9 Infracranial Non-metric Variation
10 Vertebral Non-metric Variation

A separate zipped file contains eleven Codebooks which define  the abbreviations and terms used in the tables.