Dr. Elizabeth Hamilton, PhD

Archaeometallurgist & Data Manager

Email: [email protected]

Dr. Hamilton’s analytical specialty is archaeometallurgy, the study of ancient metal working, and her primary interest is in using the technical data to shed light on cultural practices. She curated and analyzed the scores of samples taken from the hundreds of copper-base and iron artifacts excavated from Ban Chiang and the nearby metal age sites of Ban Phak Top, Ban Tong, and Don Klang.  She established an online resource for scholars to access the raw metal data in a searchable downloadable database and is co-editing and contributing to the forthcoming monographs on Ban Chiang metallurgy in Penn Museum’s the Thai Archaeology Monograph Series. The first subvolume is expected in early November 2018. She also constructed the Digital Image Archive program that preserves and records data about thousands of Ban Chiang images. Currently Elizabeth is integrating Ban Chiang data with that from Lao archaeological sites into the regional Middle Mekong Archaeological database, and is working on migrating data to a new ISEAA database platform.