Announcing three more reviews of the metals monograph

Reviews by David Warburton, David Welch, and Bryan Pfaffenberger

David Warburton, a specialist in Near Eastern archaeology, has published a review in  Antiquity 93(371): 1399-1401, 2019 He writes that “This volume is exceptional as the theses advanced are critically examined, logically presented and evidence driven.” p. 1400.

David J. Welch, , a specialist in Thai archaeology y, has a review appearing in The Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 2021, vol. 52(2): 330-340. He writes that “The volumes are necessary reading by anyone with an interest in Southeast Asian metallurgy…..those sections dealing with the provenance of the metal at Ban Chiang and the other sites in central Mainland Southeast Asia will be important for all students of Southeast Asian archaeology.

We are particularly excited that Bryn Pfaffenberger, one of the seminal scholars of the field of the Anthropology of Technology, reviewed volumes 2A-2C. In Advances in Archaeomaterials 2:1-3. Among other laudatory comments, he notes that “…I believe this work insightfully and creatively employs the concepts and approaches of the anthropology of technology, affirms the authors’ thesis, and charts the way forward in the archaeometallurgy of Southeast Asia. It should be widely read…. Furthermore, I believe this work should be required reading for students of archaeometallurgy generally. It is exceptionally well written and accessible to those new to the field, as evidenced by the lengthy and useful glossary.

Praise from these sources is praise indeed!

Here are links to Warburton’sWelch’s, and Pfaffenberger’s reviews