ISEAA 2017 Appeal

ISEAA 2017 Appeal

Wow, this past year has been amazing!

In October, our team handed over the final files to Museum Publications for the Ban Chiang metals monograph, which will be published in 4 separate sub-volumes.

Joyce also made a lengthy trip to Asia that included work for an Asian Development Bank Project that is building infrastructure to enhance access to Lao tourist sites including archaeological locations, being a tour lecturer for an Archaeological Institute of America cruise on the lower Mekong River, and a survey on the Ou River in Luang Prabang.

Going on now is the ISEAA annual appeal to support our activities this coming year, including (1) final production of four sub-volumes of the Ban Chiang metals monograph including final copy edit, design and layout, and printing, (2) a study season for the Middle Mekong Archaeological Project in Laos, and (3) beginning work on the next Ban Chiang monograph on the excavations, stratigraphy and chronology.

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